StrengthsAMI knows that its key strengths are its customers and its employees, and it highly values both. Customers are retained by providing value in the form of product, value pricing and customer support. Employees are retained through programs that develop their potential, utilize their abilities and talents, and recognize their accomplishments and reward them with fair compensation. AMI has the distinct pleasure and honor to serve many of the largest companies in the world. AMI serves customers by providing valuable minerals and chemicals, and supports its customer relationships with the depth of technical knowledge it possesses. AMI seeks to be your supplier of kaolin and gelling grade attapulgite. We promise to support what we sell and to deliver those products on time and in specification every time.

Key Processes

AMI has at its core a base of knowledge about all of the key processes required to produce, market and deliver products to their ultimate destination. Of particular note with respect to customer applications is the strength of this know-how in the fiberglass manufacturing and processing industry, and the know-how pertaining to the use of gel quality Attapulgite in the molecular sieves (catalyst), building materials (paint & coatings, adhesives, joint compound) and agricultural (fertilizer, animal feed) industries.

Total Industry Knowledge

Supporting customers with the right knowledge, facts and products has been integral to AMI’s decades of success in its various businesses. Many AMI employees have 10, 20 and 30 years of experience working in AMI’s businesses. These include professionals in the fields of geology, mineralogy, chemistry, mining, minerals processing, logistics and marketing. This knowledge is not only resident in AMI’s employees and owners, but resides by design in AMI’s huge information and knowledge database which is accessible to AMI employees throughout the world using encrypted access into AMI’s intranet. AMI encourages and fosters an environment of research and development, knowledge acquisition, information sharing and application to customer needs throughout AMI’s global organization.

Logistics Management

AMI’s Logistics Management Department represents a unique strength to AMI and immense benefit to AMI customers. With over 45 years of successful operations in the shipping business, AMI Logistics can with equal ease expedite the shipment of one container or thousands of containers of goods to a local customer or to a customer all the way around the world.